Madame Launa

Tarot Card Reader

All shall be revealed with Madame Launa –Tarot card reader and mystic!


Would you like to know your future? Would you like to reveal the true purpose

of your life?


Make no mistake – Madame Launa and Tarot Readng is the real deal. Medieval Nobles originally played Tarot as a game in 15 th century Europe but since then Tarot has since evolved to become a source of mystical divination. No longer a game, Tarot draws primarily on universal power to answer any and all questions presented by the sitter.


You'll be amazed when Madame Launa's Tarot readings reveal answers from the past, uncovers present desires and paves a way for a future not yet set in stone.


Madame Luana is ideal for large multi-faceted events, parties and soirées alike. She is available for bookings from 1 hour up to 3 hours.


The cards never lie...