Storm Troopers, Luke & Leia

Everybody loves worldwide blockbuster movies! And we offer the ultimate selection of Hollywood megastar characters. Whether it's robotic transformers, classic icons of the Golden age of Hollywood or super fun kid's heroes and villains, these Cosplay, live-action marvels will make any event a runaway smash hit!


Our Storm Troopers are full of character, energy and always up for some mischief and laughs!!

Available in two to five Troopers!

Available for

- Roving Entertainment

- Meet & Greet

- Photo Ops

Roving  set duration:

1hrs – x1, 60min set  

2hrs – x2, 50min sets    

3hrs – x3, 50min sets

4hrs -  x4 45min sets   

Minimum booking of x2 performers