Spectacular! Spectacular! 


This fully muscially themed show will consist of sensational and colourful costumes, dance and song, all based on the blockbuster movie hit Moulin Rouge!


This showcase will include all themed costumes and performances of the glamorous and chic styles of choreographed dance styles, as well as, live soulful and powerful live vocals, all brought together by Australia’s elite of entertainers!


This will be created into a full stage and Broadway/cabaret production with the styles of Jazz, Cabaret, Can-Can and Funk all amalgamated into one.


This is a fun-filled energizing performance that runs for up to 30 minutes and may be brought to you in a cast of 6 up to a cast of 14! These singers, dancers and actors, all interacting within their character roles and dancing up a storm!


This truly is Spectacular! Spectacular!