Excessive Productions serves you The Dazzle Showcase which amalgamates the different styles and themes of today’s commercial entertainment with the stunning styles of Broadway and Chart topping hits with funky dancers and beautiful costumes!


With a cast ranging from 5-10 of Melbourne's hottest and most accomplished dancers and singers, they will perform acts from Kylie Minouge, Pussycat Dolls, Justin Timberlake, James Brown, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Lady Gaga and all your other favorite tracks! 


This shows songlist, costumes and choreography is consistantly updated from show to show keeping it all fresh and to date!


This showcase styled entertainment package will be full of amazing colours, costumes, dance and song. This will really take the audience on a journey in their imagination and be a big feast for the eyes!


Adrian Chong Yeak   l    adrian@excessiveproductions.com.au   l   excessiveadrian@gmail.com   l   +61 03 9028 8715     

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