Available for

- Roving

- Meet & Greet

- Photo Ops

- Choreographed stage shows

- Moving activations

- Roving with dance element


Roving  set duration:

1hrs – x1, 60min set  

2hrs – x2, 50min sets    

3hrs – x3, 50min sets    

Minimum booking of x2 performers

Choreographed dance shows information:

- Shows can be catered to client specifications

- Duration can vary from 2min numbers to full 10-15min stage extravaganzas! 

- Cast  can vary from a minimum of 3 dancers to 6 dancers, depending on stage size and duration.

Garden Goddesses
Spring Showgirls
Edens Angels
Spring Angels
Pink Floral
Garden Girl Lollipop Hoop
Red Roses - Showgirl
Eve Champagne Dress
Pink & White
Eden Stilt Walker
Summer Lovin
White Roses
Pink Ladies
Red Roses Stilt Walkers
Peacock Champagne Dress
Garden Girl
White Roses Stilt Walkers
Eve and Snake
Flower Power