Our Bollywood package is a standout extravaganza! Incredible high-energy choreographed dance shows, larger-than-life stilt walkers and our famous Champagne Dress Showgirl are all donned in full Bollywood costumes, sparkling and dancing in that renowned Bollywood style!


As well vivid and spectacular costumes and amazing dance sequences our Bollywood performers can meet and greet and rove your event keeping the festive atmosphere alive and vibrant like any classic Bollywood wedding!


Bollywood is great for:


  • Roving entertainment

  • Large scale multi-faceted events

  • Intimate parties

  • Festivals

  • Meet and greet events

  • Photo ops and signings or

  • Choreographed shows that can be catered to your specific needs

Bring the joyful, energetic, colourful and vivacious world of India to your event and celebrate in true Bollywood style!

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