Amazing Asia

Experience the majesty and opulence of the Celestial Empire with our mesmerising China Dolls package.

Our porcelain beauties can rove and/or host your event astounding spectators with their splendor and elegance. This dazzling show also offers a stunning fully choreographed dance show as an opening act or an entire 30 to 40 minute stage show including singers and up to ten dancers.

This package will astound patrons as our China Dolls stilt walk from dizzying heights in gorgeous bespoke Cheongsam gowns, rove the venue in our famous Champagne dress and meet and greet your guests for spectacular photo ops to share with friends on social media.

China Dolls is great for:
 Roving entertainment
 Large scale multi-faceted events
 Intimate parties
 Festivals
 Meet and greet events
 Photo ops and signings or
 Choreographed shows that can be catered to your specific needs

So bring the divine beauty of The Land of the Red Dragon and all its glory to your event with our spectacular China Dolls!