Acrobatics offers Solo, Duo or Trio performance, the artists acrobatically balancing themselves and each other, while performing incredible feats of human strength, agility and flexibility. The performers effortlessly move through seemingly impossible positions while maintaining perfect balance and precision.


Taking a contemporary approach to traditional and popular circus disciplines from across Asia, America and Europe, the concept of Controlled Falling is explored through Teeter Board, Russian Bar, Roue-Cyr, Human Pyramids, Synchronised Hand Balancing and other acrobatic feats that demonstrate the incredible skill and audacity of the cast. 


"Bodies soar, tumble and splash across the floor in sync, always bouncing back with another surprise tucked up their sleeves." - Buzz Cuts 2007


"Controlled Falling Project is a boisterous and beautiful exploration of the extraordinary heights the human body can reach.' -  Buzzcuts


"The contrast between fun and sheer control and the dance between unease and thrill of extreme physicality is what makes the performance so engaging" - Australian Stage


"An extraordinary amount of strength" - The Age




Acrobatics has shows ranging from 5min, 10mins and 15minutes.